The Gardener

Technical services & gardening

I Giardini del Lago, in collaboration with agronomist Martino Pozzi, offer a wide range of services in the field of gardening and greenery.

This tight collaboration between the company and the gardener ensures high-quality offers or our clients, and the opportunity to follow various aspects of complex works, such as the making and managing of gardens and other kinds of green areas.


  • Design of green areas and landscapes
  • Design of sprinkler systems
  • Drafting of yearly maintenance plans for green areas
  • Technical advice about urban greenery
  • Stability test of plants with tall stems and trunks
  • Advice for tree felling and their substitution
  • Greenery census
  • Advice for biologic and integrated struggle
  • Advice regarding landscaping


  • Building of parks and gardens
  • Greenery tending
  • Pruning and tree felling
  • Phytosanitary treatments