About us

The farm

I Giardini del Lago “I Giardini del Lago” is an agricultural business founded on 20th July 2015 by Tiffany Bertoni and her husband Martino Pozzi. Our business is new and family-run, which is mainly invested in fruit production and processing, and in ornamental plants farming.


Our fields are located in Varese and Casciago, among the valley and hills of the area.


The main structure can be found in Schiranna, a charming, picturesque place close to Varese, near the beautiful lake. It’s only few minutes away from downtown, which is the core for any kind of events activities, from natural sights, to sport events, to entertainment. Here, there are many activities taking place: in the shop, there are available to purchase products from our fields and by other businesses; a processing laboratory where we make our jam and other delicacies; welcoming rooms for guests for rent and other spaces for various activities (agricultural, ditactic and cultural).


In our orchards, organized in branches, we produce many kind of fruit: apples, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, blackberry fruit and strawberries. One part of the production is on sale, the other is used to make jams and juices.


In our nursery in Morosolo (small village near Casciago), we tend to many, special ornamental plants. Our range of hydrangeas and roses is wide and rich.


Our business is not only plant tending and fruit production—it also offers services such as building and maintaining green areas. Moreover, I Giardini del Lago offers professional advice and design services, due to the collaboration of agronomist Martino Pozzi.

Start your stroll and take a look at our photos, discover how much care and passion we put in our work....