The Gardener

Landscaper and agronomist Martino Pozzi

My love for gardens and plants began during my childhood! Probably, it was born without me even noticing it when, with cousins and friends, I spent my days between reading about perennial trees, shrubs, and greenhouses full of flowers from my family’s nursery.

As young man, I worked in the nursery, first in the same places where I used to play, then, later, as gardener in local business.

The confidence in my professional skills as gardener, acquired through my experiences and a two-year course at the Minoprio Foundation, encouraged me to start my own business.

In this range of time, I was lucky to professionally grow by building and maintaining many gardens, and this only fuelled my passion, so much that at 26 years old, I decided to made the brave decision to start university.

I attended undergrad school, “Production and Protection of Green Systems” and then grad school “Design of Green Areas of Landscape” and I got my degree with highest grades.

Immediately after graduation, and enrolled in the register of “Dott. Agronomi di Varese”, I started my professional activity dealing with the design and management of gardens.